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Length Ranges:

When you order, for example, 18-20" hair, you will receive hair bundles that are 18", 19", or 20". We suggest you make sure you order from the correct length range, so you are not disappointed. For example, if you want 20" hair; don't order 18-20", and hope for 20". Order 20-22", and make sure you receive the length you need or longer. Each bundle is thick from root to tip.


How Many Bundles Should I Order?:

For lengths between 12-16", you should order 2 full or 4 half bundles. (For example, 12-14", 14-16")

For lengths between 16-22", you should order 3 full or 5-6 half bundles. (For example, 14-16", 16-18", 18-20" or 16-18", 18-20", 20-22")

For lengths above 22", you can order 3+ full or 6+ half bundles. (For example, 20-22", and 3 bundles of 23-26")


What Will My Wavy Pieces Look Like?

Great Question! This means that there is a wide range of patterns in this category. Patterns range from very, very soft wave, to a medium/deep wave. YOU MAY REQUEST A CERTAIN PATTERN; BUT EVERY SHIPMENT IS RAW HAIR AND THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES REGARDING WAVE PATTERNS. Please be prepared to receive any of these patterns in your wavy order.

What are the chances of receiving the luster I have selected?

Another Great Question! THIS IS A PREFERENCE, NOT A GUARANTEE...About 50% of our hair comes in a Medium Luster; 40% in a Medium-Low Luster; and 10% in a Low Luster. The Medium luster offers a healthy sheen, not a shine. The Medium-Low reflects slightly less light and offers closer to a matte finish. The Low luster reflects little to no light and offers a duller finish..


What about frizz?

Every grade except for the Satin Soft grade, all other textures will have some level of frizz to it (from barely there to heavy frizz). As you go higher on the coarseness level, the frizz usually increases. This can be helped by finding the product combination that give your bundles the look you desire. We do not recommend oils to control frizz; as oils can weigh the hair down and make it look stringy.


Coarse Hair Considerations:

If you are planning to purchase very coarse straight or wavy, please understand that the more coarse the hair is; the more prone to damage it can be. Coarse hair is fragile hair. It requires moisture and TLC. The ends can break under heat or manipulation more easily than softer hair will. The lifespan of coarse hair will be shorter than the lifespan of softer hair. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

***Huge Consideration*** Please know that the more coarse the hair is, the more it will react to the elements (weather). If you do not like poofy, frizzy, natural looking coarse hair, you should not purchase any 'very coarse' or 'medium coarse' texture. Most women who like this texture, purchase it because they want a hair type that will compliment and react similarly to how their natural hair reacts to the elements (heat, humidity, rain, etc).



We offer a custom crafted product. To find the processing timeframe for your items, please check the individual product page for details. 

Color Range:

Most Russian Fede pieces will range from off black to dark reddish brown in color; with the majority of the hair coming in shades of brown. Showcase Fede can range from Richest Black to Natural Blonde.

You are not guaranteed to get the same color running throughout your order (although we try very hard!!). Please be prepared to dye the bundles to your desired color preference, if necessary.


Can I Request My Color Preference?

Please remember that this is virgin hair and color cannot be guaranteed. Please be prepared to dye the hair as there may not always be your preferred color available. Remember, the darker the hair is, the more effort that may be required to lift the color.


Can I Mix Textures?

Yes, however, this should be done carefully and purposefully. For example, when buying straight hair, a customer may want a bundle of very coarse on top for blending; and a medium coarse bundle on the bottom to reduce the volume of the overall install. (In case the customer does not like 'big hair'). Another client might select a 'slightly coarse' wavy bundle on top for blending, and get the rest of the bundles in 'satin soft'. Same concept.


Bundle Weight:

Fede Bundles come in approximately 3.5+oz bundles (whole); and approximately 1.75oz bundles (half).

Do You Sell Unwefted Hair?

Yes, we do. Please contact us with your specific requirements at: Certain restrictions apply.


Can I pick up my order?

We are sorry. All orders are shipped out directly to the customer who placed the order.


How is hair handled prior to arriving at my door?

Before hair is distributed to our clients, it is inspected, cleaned and conditioned. We insure quality hair is delivered with every order. Our Russian Fede hair can last up to 7-10 years or longer if cared for properly. A professional cosmetologist is recommended for proper care and styling of raw hair.





Should I seal my wefts?

Great quality raw hair can last for years and years. However, wefts may need a little extra support sometimes to withstand the combing, brushing, sewing needle punctures, etc. that can occur over time. If you choose to seal your wefts, please check online for the best sealers to use. 

What products do I use?

We recommend using a high quality sulfate-free shampoo. Also, select a rich, moisturizing conditioner. Try not to use 2-n-1 poos/conditioners. Shampoos are for cleansing and removing residue. Conditioners are for depositing onto the hair. Use them separately. Fede hair does not need to be co-washed repeatedly. This will cause build-up. Jace hair performs best when clean and free of residue. We also caution that a leave-in conditioner used for a few days will create build-up leaving the hair heavy and sticky. So, be sure to wash product from the hair frequently. 

Some customers use the same natural and botanical products that they use on their own hair. You may do this; however, it really is not necessary. Jace hair performs very well with most shampoos and conditioners. Higher quality products will prolong the lifespan of your investment.

You should wash your hair in the shower with soft down ward strokes. Do not rustle the hair in a ball or bunch the hair all together while washing. This is will result in tangles. Try to follow the direction that your hair is sewn in.

To further define the curl pattern of wavy or curly hair, you can use hair mousse. We recommend Olive Oil Mousse by Vigorol (available at most beauty supply stores).


How often do I shampoo?

At least once a week- Twice a week is great!


How do I dry the hair?

To achieve the best results, let the hair AIR DRY. If you are in a rush, use a blow dryer with a diffuser on the end (for wavy hair). If you try to blow dry wavy hair without a diffuser, it will have a straightening effect on the wavy hair and/or disturb the curl pattern.

Can I color the Fede hair?

Absolutely. You can use permanent color, semi-permanent color, and rinses on the hair just as you would your natural hair. Please note: Repetitive coloring, or perming will damage virgin/remy hair just as it would your own.


Can I swim in the hair?

Yes. We recommend wearing a swim cap whenever you go swimming. The chlorine/salt can make the hair dry and brittle, just as it does our own hair. Even using a swim cap does not completely keep the chlorinated/salt water out. You should always plan on washing your hair after swimming.

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